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NIHR BRC - UCLP Patient and Public Involvement Workshops

The NIHR BRC runs a programme of regular workshops for researchers at UCL Partner organisations on Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in research. The workshops aim to build researchers’ skills in involving patients and the public in the whole research process - from setting research priorities to designing protocols.

Workshops are:

  • Introduction to PPI: what can PPI do for you?
  • How to fill in the PPI section of grant forms
  • How to do PPI: focus groups and more
  • How to find patient partners, and keep them involved​
  • Facilitation: how to get the most out of PPI

These workshops are being held across London but keep an eye out for those being held locally in Whitechapel and Charterhouse Square in the upcoming months.

For more information please visit the UCLH BRC website or email to book a place.

HRA best practice principles for public involvement

The HRA has published new guidelines on how to involve patients and the public in research, along with tools and other resources to support researchers in their public involvement practice. 

The new webpages introduce four key principles for best practice in public involvement:

  1. Involve the right people – that is, people who have real experience relevant to the health condition or social care situation being researched are the people the study should aim to recruit as participants;
  2. Involve enough people to provide a reasonable breadth and depth of views on the issues that are likely to be important to the people the study will aim to recruit, and who it is intended to benefit; 
  3. Involve those people enough in as many aspects of the study as is feasible, productive, and appropriate to the research - and at the right times; and 
  4. Describe in your application how it helps using the question specific guidance in the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS) to make it clear how involving people well helps to address potential ethical issues.

For more information please visit the HRA website.

Wellcome Trust overhauls its public engagement fund

The Wellcome Trust will be closing the old public engagement fund, which will be replaced with a more strategic and efficient approach, which will help to discover, build and invest in ambitious, longer-term public engagement programmes. More information is available on the Wellcome Trust website..

NIHR CCF Public Involvement and Engagement Plan

CQC inspection framework – Support for clinical research further recognised

The latest news on the CQC project is now published with the significant milestone of the publication of the 2018 update of the CQC Well Led Framework (Trusts) which includes new research markers.

More information on this can be found on the INVOLVE website.

Researchers missing a trick with public involvement

Health researchers are 'missing a trick' by not demonstrating how patients and the public have contributed to the design and conduct of research, the HRA has recently said. In this article, Jim Elliott, Public Involvement Lead at the HRA, looks at the importance of researchers describing their patient and public involvement in enough detail to make the REC (Research Ethics Committee) approval process more straightforward. Dr Sheila Fisher, Chair of an ethics committee in Leeds, talks about the purpose of RECs and offers advice for involving the public in research.

For more information visit the Health Research Authority (HRA) website. 

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