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Pharmacy support

The pharmacy department offers a comprehensive range of services to support researchers and funders involved in clinical trials. Assistance is available from the point of inception through to the final archiving of data.

All queries about Clinical Trial Pharmacy services should be sent to the generic inbox:

In addition, if you directly correspond with pharmacy staff and receive no response, please forward your email to the generic inbox so that Pharmacy can address any urgent issues.

Research Pharmacy services include:

Pre-initiation phase

  • Aid with protocol design 
  • Selection of appropriate formulations of the study drug, comparator therapies and placebos as necessary
  • Sourcing or manufacture of medication/s required
  • Assistance with blinding procedures
  • Advice on appropriate dosing intervals and schedules
  • Outline of expected side effect profiles
  • Input to design of appropriate inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Production of patient information
  • Advice on applicable legal and ethical requirements

Trial phase

  • Secure storage of trial medication in accordance with protocol and in monitored environment
  • Dispensing of trial medication
  • Maintenance of accurate accountability records and cross-checking with case report forms
  • Liaison with company personnel and verification of data
  • Counselling of trial subjects
  • Reconciliation of returned medication
  • Participation in sponsor, Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency or Food and Drug Administration inspections
  • Code breaking in emergency situations
  • Training of study team in pharmaceutical aspects of trial

Post trial

  • Destruction of returned and unused medication
  • Assistance in resolving data queries
  • Archiving of trial information in accordance with legal requirements 
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