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The JRMO offers a comprehensive range of financial services. This page contains guidance on how we can help you set up an account, ensure that expenditure against your account is dealt with efficiently, provide you with budget information, and close down completed grants.

Setting up an account

The Research Lead (RL) informs the JRMO that the grant application has been awarded. The RL should send all relevant documentation from the funding body to the JRMO.

This should include the award letter, sponsor starting certificate or activation note as applicable.

Project announcement

The setting up process generally takes around 48 hours and the JRMO will inform you of the relevant codes and budget headings once this process is complete.

With the project announcement, the RL will receive a grant activation notice, which should be returned to the JRMO to activate the project, and an essential document list outlining which documents need to be forwarded to the research office prior to the start of the project

Please see this List of essential documents [PDF 18KB] that needs to be completed and returned before a grant is activated. 

Directly-employed staff

If your project directly employs a member of staff, then that member of staff will be paid from the staff, medical or nursing budget lines. 

Staff costs will be shown against the staff budget line. No staff can be paid for overtime or unsocial hours without the prior agreement of the JRMO.

Staff appointments

The RL or Institute administrator must contact the JRMO for its approval of all project appointments. The JRMO will give the final approval that the budgets and dates for the appointment conform to the sponsor award announcement and that the advertisement for the appointment can be made.  Once this approval has been confirmed, the HR process can begin.

Purchasing equipment and consumables

All Queen Mary purchases should be in line with the procurement regulations. Orders can be made via the Agresso online purchasing system or the College manual ordering system.

For information about procurement please click here.

Overhead costs

Where possible, all QMUL overheads are transferred from individual projects to a central fund. This is achieved through an automatic process which is based on the staff costs associated with the project. For projects where there are no staff costs, a manual journal is prepared on a quarterly basis. 

Budget holder/ JRMO responsibilities

Ultimately, although the JRMO is responsible for budget administration, it is the RL who is the budget holder for a project.

From the initial project announcement that is sent out, it is clear how much is available to spend and what it can be spent on. It is the RL’s responsibility to ensure that the project does not over-run budget.

In addition, the RL must ensure the JRMO is kept up to date on clinical trial recruitment figures, so that the Office is able to invoice the funder at the correct times, with accurate information. It is the RL’s responsibility to inform the JRMO of any changes to the duration of the project.

Each Queen Mary staff member in the JRMO is given a portfolio of active grants to administer for which they take individual responsibility. They will monitor expenditure, collect income and provide all Queen Mary investigators and administrators with monthly statements of accounts which should be checked by the RL on a regular basis.

Some grants (Research Councils) automatically pay their amounts due on a profiled payment system.

For charities, commercial, other government departments and European funders, the team manually raise invoices for amounts owing. This usually takes place on a quarterly basis (annually for European funders).

Project conclusion

Researchers need to ensure that the JRMO is informed once a project has finished.

Please be aware that staff may still have some financial milestones to meet before our files can be closed. Three months prior to the end of the project an interim final expenditure statement is sent out to the RL outlining the remaining budget and requesting that they check final dates and actual expenditure. This gives the RL the opportunity to address any queries prior to the project's end.

One month prior to the final expenditure statement, or final invoice being submitted, a final expenditure statement is sent to the Investigator to agree on all expenditure. This should be signed by the RL and returned to the JRMO.

Once all of the relevant staff, equipment, consumables, overheads or Trust service costs have been paid from the project, any residual money (if applicable and requested), will be journaled to the relevant account, to be used to facilitate future research within the department.

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