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Joint Research Management Office

Queen Mary Ethics of Research Committee meeting dates

Low-risk reviews can be submitted at any time; the below QMERC meeting deadlines are only applicable to moderate and high-risk studies which require Panel Review. When submitting applications for Panel Review, please note that meeting slots fill quickly and applications submitted close to the deadline may have to wait until the following meeting.

Meeting date 

Submission deadline 


19 February  29 January  Review Panel A
4 March  12 February  Review Panel B
14 March  22 February  Review Panel C
20 March  28 February Main QMERC
17 April 27 March  Review Panel D
1 May  17 April Review Panel E
23 May  2 May Review Panel F
19 June 29 May Main QMERC
26 June  5 June Review Panel G 
29 July  8 July Review Panel A

All Review Panel meetings will involve a research ethics review of applications submitted. The Main QMERC Committee is concerned with discussing matters of policy as well as research that is complex, unusual or high-risk.

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