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Joint Research Management Office

Royal London NIHR Barts CRF site



The NIHR Barts CRF site in the Royal London Hospital is a dedicated clinical research space on the eleventh floor of the hospital in Whitechapel and forms part of the NIHR Barts CRF.

Designed to a high specification, the CRF can accommodate a wide range of clinical trials and other research involving patients, providing the highest levels of patient care and safety at all times.

A self-contained unit within the hospital, the CRF benefits from a patient waiting room, patient treatment areas, sample preparation and processing area, and comes fully equipped with fridges, freezers, centrifuges, ECG machines, patient monitors – all the standard clinical equipment needed to conduct research.

The CRF is staffed by highly qualified and skilled Clinical Research Nurses and support staff. Our staff can provide all the assistance you need to make your approved study a success. 

How we work

We work with hospital-based clinical researchers who want to conduct a funded clinical trial or other patient-based research.

Our staff are experienced in conducting trials across a wide range of medical conditions and specialities including eczema, epilepsy, hepatology, immunology, infection, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, melanoma, Multiple Sclerosis, psoriasis, surgery, and Ulcerative Colitis.

How can we help your research project?

The primary reason our consultants cite for not taking part in research is a lack of resources: funds, space, facilities, equipment or lack of knowledge and experience to conduct clinical trials.

This is where the CRF can help! We work closely with each investigator to assess their needs, guide them through the study set-up process, ensure regulatory compliance standards are met, deliver their research to time and target and assist with the end of study procedures.

If you thought you couldn’t conduct clinical research at the RLH, then think again!

Where to find us

11th Floor
Royal London Hospital
Stepney Way
E1 1BB

Tel: 020 7882 7150


Jo Morgan, Operations Director NIHR Barts CRF
Tel: 020 8535 6953

Jennifer Higgins, CRF Lead Nurse
Tel: 020 7882 8682

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