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Joint Research Management Office

Costing projects and proposals

stepping stones across waterThe JRMO is responsible for costing all research grant applications and commercial projects at Queen Mary and Barts Health.

We do this in accordance with the published Joint Research Management Policies which, among other things, include sections on the distribution of research project funds, overheads, and agreements with external organisations. Please additionally read the Guide to costing projects in Worktribe [PDF 525KB] before proceeding.

There are four steps to the funding application process. 

Step One: Obtaining a costing

Those with a Queen Mary ID:

Those without a Queen Mary ID should complete the Barts Health Pre-Costing Questionnaire [XLS 72KB], which includes guidance, and submit it to to initiate a discussion of a proposal.

Step two: Review and Revise

On receipt of your PCQ, the JRMO will send you an email, containing a six-digit unique reference number and a link to your project page on Worktribe, within 3 working days.

Worktribe will allow you to review your budget and revise figures for salaries, travel costs, consumables, equipment, overheads and anything else.

It is essential that the figures in the Worktribe costing match your final submission to the funder.

You should include a copy of the draft application on the Worktribe project page which provides a space to upload documents. There is also a comments tab for communication on the costing with your costing officer.

Please note, comments cannot be removed or deleted once they are entered.

Step three: Approval

All projects, including outline ‘proposal stage only’, must be internally approved by the JRMO and the Head of School (or in the case of the School of Medicine and Dentistry, the Head of the relevant Institute).

  • For a project budget under £20,000, only JRMO approval is required.
  • For project budgets over £500,000 for Science and Engineering and (S&E) and Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), and budgets over £1,000,000 for School of Medicine and Dentistry (SMD), faculty approval is required.

When you have agreed on a final version of the budget you can request approvals with the JRMO officer or Research Manager via the “Comments” tab or, for Barts Health NHS Trust applications, contact 

The “Comments” tab allows the researcher to follow the progress of the approval by scrolling through the comments history.

Please note, comments cannot be removed or deleted once they are entered.

Step four: Application Submission

Applications can be submitted to the funder once the Costing is internally approved by the JRMO.

The precise application process will depend on the proposed funder. There are two types of Funder:

  • Funders that require Queen Mary submission approval of a project application. Examples include UK Research Councils, some Charities, Public Bodies - for more information see the Funding Bodies page. Such submission can be through the online Grants Tracker or another type of system.
  • Direct submission of the application by the research lead (Principle Investigator) to the funder. This is usual for some charities, commercial funders and overseas funders. Again, . In these instances the PI is asked to send a copy of his submission to the JRMO - this enables the project page to be kept up-to-date.
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