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Patient Research Experience Survey (PRES)

This year’s NIHR Clinical Research Network: North Thames Patient Research Experience Survey (CRN: NT PRES) is now underway.

The CRN: NT PRES offers Barts Health researchers an opportunity to gain insight into, and evaluate, the patient experience of taking part in research.  The results will be used to improve the way clinical studies are delivered and to ensure we are providing the very best experience for patients involved in our research.

The anonymised survey is live across Barts Health from 11 September up until 21 December 2018.

We are encouraging all staff conducting NIHR Portfolio research to get involved.   With over 17,000 patients taking part in NIHR Portfolio research at Barts Health last year, the PRES offers an invaluable opportunity to gather a substantial amount of useful feedback directly from our trial patients to help identify positive patient experiences and highlight areas for service development and continuous improvement in the research process.

The CRN: NT has provided a number of resources to support the delivery of the PRES.  For more information, or to request a PRES kit, please contact Neeta or Olivia, Research Engagement and Diffusion.  Email or call 020 7363 8923

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