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QMEthics online application system


Access the system here:



What is the new online ethics application system? 

There is now a new way to submit ethics applications. The online application system, QMEthics, contains a dynamic set of filters which determines the specific requirements of your study and so only generates relevant questions. You will be prompted to attach supporting documents, reducing incomplete applications, and once completed, with electronic authorisations in place, the application is automatically submitted to the Research Ethics team. A notification will then be sent to your email inbox to confirm this. 

Why do we need a new system? 

Listening to your feedback, the MS Word application form did not fully meet your needs. The new system is user-friendly and interactive and can be used to: 

  • Track the status of your application in real-time
  • Communicate with the Research Ethics Facilitators with any queries within the system (providing an audit trail)
  • Share your application between research team members, collaborators and academic supervisors (ensuring one version is in use at any one time)
  • Submit and record your Amendment submissions
  • Complete your Annual Progress Report and End of study notification

How do I access QMEthics online application system? 

Use the Blue Button top right or click here. Log in using your QMUL username (3 letters 3 numbers) and password. 

I have started the MS Word application - can I still submit it? 

You must now use the QMEthics online system. MS Word templates for Participant Information Sheet and Consent Forms continue to be used and should be uploaded when prompted in the QMEthics online application. 

Who can use the online ethics application form? 

The new application form must be used by all staff and all students Conducting research with human participants (outside the NHS)

Help using the system

The system is intuitive, however ‘How to’ videos have been created. Some questions in the application form contain embedded question-specific guidance, so please do see if there is an information bubble. We recommend reading the FAQs page and Help page in the systems ‘Help’ tab, which contains more information about the review process, next steps and how-to’s. We have also created ‘How to videos for step-by-step guidance

Where should I send any queries? 

If you have any other questions please get in touch with the Research Ethics team at 

To support the launch, weekly drop-in sessions are being held on Tuesdays from 18 July between 11.30 am and 12.30 pm. Click here to join the meeting or come and see us in Dept W, in the first-floor sofa room. 

You can also contact the team via MS Teams or by phone: 

Nooreen Shaikh: 020 7882 7886
Melissa Bliss: 020 7882 6947 
Harriet Canty: 020 7882 7915 

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