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EU Unit post-award

EU Unit Post Award Support Service

A post-award officer from our Team is allocated to each EU funded project awarded. Their role will be to provide post-award financial management and administration to the budget holder and their department, to ensure compliance with European funding financial reporting and audit requirements. This support starts from Grant Agreement to final report submission, payment, and ends with the expiry of record retention and audit period. The officer will support the following:

Project Set Up and Announcement of New EU Award

  • Budget code allocated on university financial system (Agresso) and project file set up at JRMO
  • Production (and monitoring) of the Head of Department (HOD) Note
  • Kick off meeting with PI and department administration

Financial management and administration

  • Production of internal financial expenditure monitoring reports
  • Monitoring of budget code transactions, authorisation/posting of journals discussed with and prepared by the department
  • Financial forecasting and spend analysis
  • Disbursement of partner interim and final payments (if QMUL is lead applicant)
  • The authorisation of staff and student appointments
  • Dealing with contract and budget variations (with Pre Award Officers)

Financial reporting to EU Funder

  • Preparation of interim and final financial reports/statements and online submission
  • Maintaining EU compliant evidence base and records with PI and local administration

Final budget reconciliation and closure

  • Final budget reconciliation and close down on the financial system
  • Preparation for internal and external financial audits in collaboration with PI, local and central administrations
  • Support on-site audit visits and retention of records till expiry date set by EU funder
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