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Queen Mary Innovations Ltd provides advice and support to both QMUL and Barts Health staff. The service includes:

  • Protection of new innovations
  • Developing and managing innovations
  • Evaluation of innovations and their commercial development into products or services
  • Helping to identify funding sources for the development of healthcare innovations

What is Innovation?

Innovation refers to developing novel concepts, processes or products that derive from an individual’s ideas or from scientific research. We help you identify and develop inventions and new products such as novel treatments, medical devices or equipment, diagnostic tests, use of data, mobile and tablet apps, software, educational and training material, best practise guidelines, questionnaires, treatment protocols, databases, new management systems and services.

What is in it for me?

Both Barts Health and QMUL have in place their own schemes to ensure that their employees will receive a share of the rewards from your invention if it is successful.

To discuss this in more detail please contact Dr Natasa Levicar:, 020 7882 3792.

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