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Some frequently asked questions about Intellectual Property (IP) and inventions management.

I have an idea, what shall I do or who do I go to for advice?  

It is important that you keep all the information regarding the idea confidential. Please contact us before any public disclosure such as publishing papers or presenting your idea at any public event. You cannot patent an invention if you have already publicly disclosed information about it. Protecting your idea is critical to gain commercial interest. The patenting process can be rapid and should not delay paper publication.

How can I protect my idea/innovation?

New ideas and innovations can be protected via patents, copyright, trademark, design rights. We will advise you on the best route to protect your IP.

Who owns my idea/innovation?

Usually, the innovations that have been developed in the course of your employment are owned by your employer. QMUL and Barts Health have IP policies that set out revenue sharing policy generated from commercialisation of innovations with inventors.

Who should I contact about IP and Inventions Management?

For an initial discussion about how we can help, and to obtain an Innovation Disclosure Form, please contact Dr Michele Hill-Perkins: or 020 7882 5581.

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