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Commercial contracts and costing

It is important to contact the JMRO as soon as possible about any work that might be carried out on behalf of, or in collaboration with, a commercial sponsor.

School of Medicine and Dentistry

Please contact in the first instance: Gerry Collins, Costings and Contracts Officer on 020 7882 7273 or by email to:

Barts Health

Please contact in the first instance Juan-Carlos Rodriguez-Prados, Costings and Contracts Deputy Manager on 020 7882 7259 or by email to: 

If the above are not available, please contact: Coleen Colechin, Operational Manager on 020 7882 7252 or by email to:

Outline costing process

In order to set contractual terms and an appropriate price for a commercial research project a full project costing is needed. The costing process can involve the following stages:

  • Informing the JRMO who the client is, and providing details of the project, for example a copy of the study protocol.
  • Outlining the scope of the work in terms of time and effort, and of the resources that will be required.
  • Drawing up an outline resource sheet.
  • Costing it and obtaining quotes from the various departments as appropriate.
  • Discussing what intellectual property might arise from the project, what royalties might be gained etc.
  • Producing a final costing that is acceptable to the research lead and the JRMO.
  • Negotiating the contractual terms, including price, with the Sponsor and producing a final contract for signature.

Financial negotiations should not be entered into without the knowledge of the office, although scoping exercises may be.

All contracts must be authorised by Gerry Leonard, Director of Research Development. This prevents individual staff from approving their own contracts. Contracts are between the Sponsor and the Trust or the University.

For further explanations on commercially funded projects, and other issues such as protecting intellectual property rights, please refer to our information on commercial costings [PDF 26KB] or contact the team.

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