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Applying for grants

The costing and contracting team is currently reviewing its proceses in the light of the launch of the launch of WorkTribe.  A fully-revised process diagram will be produced in the near future (September 2017). 

Obtaining a costing

You will need to give the JMRO the following information so that we can provide you with a costings spread sheet. This will typically include:

  • The name of the Research Council you are applying to
  • Proposed start date
  • Duration of grant
  • Deadline for submission, if applicable
  • Type of staff you are looking for (eg, clinical academics, nurses, technicians, research assistants) and, where possible
  • The proposed grade and starting point that you would person.

Submitting your request

Those with a QMUL ID (ie, those holding a substantive or honorary QMUL contract) should visit the Pre Award page on the QMUL intranet to apply for a costing through WorkTribe.

- WorkTribe tutorial videos are available on the QMUL intranet (log in necessary).

Those without a QMUL ID should email to discuss their proposal and to obtain a Costing Questionaire. 

JRMO action

On receipt of a request through WorkTribe, or on an old-style costing questionnaire, the JRMO will process your information and then provide you with access to a spreadsheet, listing staff members, complete with basic salaries, London weighting (where applicable), National Insurance contributions, and superannuation contributions.

That spreadsheet is the JRMO's record of the costing quote that we provided and the figures for salaries and overheads on your application will be checked against our quote.

Other headings for travel, consumables, equipment, etc, are on the spreadsheet to help you budget for your overall application. All sub-totals will tally up in the summary box at the top of the sheet.

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