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JRMO only SOPs

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SOP 10 - JRMO filing [PDF 175KB]

SOP 11b - Barts Health/ QMUL sponsorship - process for JRMO staff [PDF 526KB]

Associated documents for both SOP 11a and SOP11b:

Associated documents for SOP 11b only:

  • Associated document 5: resource meeting clarification tool [DOC 99KB]
  • Non-public associated document 6: GCP manager's set-up checklist
  • Non-public associated document 7: final governance QC counter-check
  • Non-public associated document 8: greenlight to activate sites email

SOP 12 - BHT/QM Sponsorship of Non-CTIMPs for JRMO

SOP 17a - Amendments for sponsored studies - process for JRMO [PDF 139KB]

SOP 19 - Project closure: guidance for JRMO staff [PDF 710KB]

SOP 22 - JRMO audits [PDF 196KB]

SOP 23 - Risk Assessment [PDF 412KB]

SOP 26c - Pharmacovigilance processing for the JRMO [PDF 399KB]

SOP 34b - JRMO staff training and induction [PDF 327KB]

SOP 30 - Creating, maintaining and distributing JRMO SOPs [PDF 281KB]

SOP 32 - Freedom of Information v5.0 [PDF 296KB]

SOP 41 - JRMO oversight of CTG and study-specific SOPs [PDF 265KB]

If you have any questions about our SOPs please contact the JRMO’s GCP Team: 

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